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cat 5 and racer demographics
« on: October 27, 2013, 08:26:44 PM »
Have you folks noticed much of a change in the demographic of fields this year with the addition of a 5th category for CX?

Around here, 5s launched with a big ol' field, 4s stayed steady in size (35-45 regular racers) with the change but is feeding into 3s by way of previously unenforced mandatory upgrades. This is changing 3s in a really interesting way. (The impact on 2/1/P isn't going to be apparent until next season, I think).

There have always been the minority of folks that are fast already and/or take 'cross very seriously vs. the beginners that are taking it seriously but still have a lot to learn (yo) vs. a really strange but ultimately pleasant subsection in 3s and 4s that treat it like something to do on a Sunday afternoon, don't train much, and in a lot of ways, financially carry the series.

A lot of those folks that ended up in the 3s by nature of the old cx4 upgrade structure are now getting their faces sanded off by the burst of competitive racers, primarily cat 2 and 3 road guys, that used to sandbag the 4s and are being forced upwards. These nice but poky racers are talking about downgrading to 4s or even giving up on annual licenses and "sneaking" into the 5s on single day permits.

Is this a quirk of my area? Or is this weird demography part of the addition of category 5 to 'cross?

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Re: cat 5 and racer demographics
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2013, 08:35:17 PM »
I did a few cox races in 2010, like 4. Then the 4's were like 70-80 deep. This year they are 100+ deep.  Most dudes in the 2 races I've done this year seem to take it seriously. The 4/5s with pit bikes and carbon wheels. There are a few racing on mtbs tho. Cross in the mid Atlantic is very big and very serious.
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