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Chat rules
« on: April 14, 2011, 04:24:09 PM »
If you've ever been in chat here, it probably doesn't seem like there actually are rules, but here's just a few housekeeping tips to keep things running cleanly.

Mods and admins reserve the right to boot you from chat for disruptive conversation. Use common sense. If you get booted, don't take it personally, just come back in a bit after the dust settles.

Name changes must include a part of your actual username. Again, use common sense when changing your user name. Avoid changing it for no reason; it is preferable to use it to alert others if you are away, etc.

If you post a pic in chat, please delete it after a few minutes (if you can remember). Lots of pics in the chat log seem to slow things down.

If chat runs slow for you, try ctrl+R to refresh, which should clear up most issues.

Please use NSFW on any links which would be NSFW.

See you in chat!  :thumbsup:
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