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TacX Lumos Bike light.
« on: May 14, 2012, 12:06:11 AM »
When I rebuilt the peugeot I wanted it to be a commuter so I decided that it would be wise to have some lights. The price was alright and the idea wasn't bad.
Gave them a try.
Positive :
  • They were about 20-30$ On PBK.
  • They use AA Batteries You will need two. One for each light. (easy to find)
  • They look nice and the idea is good.
  • The LEDs are bright.
  • both good sighting from the front with these 2 white LEDs and 2 red LEDs from the back.
  • really easy to install
  • comes with the tools
  • really intuitive and simple to operate.
  • easy to take off if you go inside a building or have to leave your bike unattended.
  • no annoying light mount. (If they annoy you.)
  • They are the same on each side. From the front, the yellow flasher is on the right side on both lights. It annoys the symmetry OCD in me. It just doesn't look right from the front if you know about it.
  • There's only one bright LED and it really doesn't shine far away. Like 4-5 meters(15feet ahead) in front of you and they look bright but they do not really light up the way.  If there's any surrounding light, they aren't really useful anymore.

Conclusion: I Believe that the idea is great, you get a full lights set that are hidden, easy to take off that are really easy to use but they fail at their primary objective : Light my path. Unless it's total darkness, they were only good at making me easier to see for the cars around me. I still have to see how long they last but to be honest, I'll just drop a pair of AA batteries in my backpack and won't care more than that.

Good video by tacX on the installation.
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