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Wheelbuilder customer service is full of win
« on: May 10, 2011, 08:53:50 PM »
I purchased a Powertap Pro+ built into a Kinlin 300 from Wheelbuilder during June of 2010.  It served me incredibly well (lots of training miles and the wheel never needed to be touched) until April of this year when I started to have some inconsistent readings from the Powertap.

Wheelbuilder built the wheel and sells the Powertap.  I sent Vikki (because I had her email from my order) a note asking if they would handle as a warranty repair with Saris and she gave me a RA number straight away.  The diagnosis was a bad torque tube and the prognosis was a quick turnaround (about a week including shipping).

Unfortunately the shipping part became a bit of a problem.  I got a note when they were getting the wheel ready to send back indicating it had a dent in it and asking what I wanted to do.  I assumed this was a little ding/scratch I knew the wheel had in it when I sent it that had no impact on the true or braking surface.  That was a bad assumption.  I instructed them to go ahead and send it back and received it in a couple of days.

All looked ok until I put it on the bike.  The wheel was out of true in all directions, and the braking was uneven to the point of being unusable.  The wheel clearly had been squeezed and bent somewhere along its journey with UPS.  So, I email Wheelbuilder and they offer to help with a claim on UPS for the repair and I send the wheel back.  Vikki contacts UPS and is told that the sender (me) must make the claim.  I contact UPS and am told the person that currently has the wheel must make the claim (wheelbuilder).

A few emails go back and forth trying to sort out what to do about UPS, and then I get a call from the owner of Wheelbuilder.  Realizing that whether or not we would be able to get a claim with UPS processed, it was going to be a PIA and take time I would rather be riding with Power, Rich (owner) offers up a deal to handle the repair for the cost of shipping.  Deal.

the Cliff Notes ==> Simply put the Saris Ptap hub failed (warranty), UPS smashed the wheel, we had a Threes Company style miscommunication on the damage and Wheelbuilder made it right for me with the minimum possible fuss.

Very well built wheel and absolutely amazing customer service.
6 stars on a 5 star scale.
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