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Ian Schmidt

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Life & unemployment being what it is, I may need to sell off more bike gear. If a different front wheel would be more beneficial to me, than selling off my current wheel wouldn't be a hard decision.

My current TT & Track setup is: Jet6/Hed disc (tubular)

Jet6 (C2 profile) - fine wheel, I own one now, it treats me well. Stable in crosswinds, I used it for a bunch of road races, crits, ... pretty much raced everything on it actually.
Next year, I'd use the Jet6 for most of my races on the road, but I think next year is going to be quite velodrome heavy, & I have good wheels other than the Jet6, so using this wheel on the road isn't much of a decision point.

Hed3 - I was playing around on the HED website with the drag calculator & the math has got me thinking - but I don't know if my thinking is correct. Help please?

Assumption #1: Average TT speed will be 27.2mph. (I went through my TTs from this last year, and did some rough math)
Assumption #2: Tubular/Clincher is not a big decision point - rolling resistance seems to be a wash, depending on the variables of the glue job, butyl/latex, etc.
Assumption #3: The H3 has lower drag at all yaws. (per HED's website)

Other than the 'ease of use' argument in favor of the Jet6, the Hed3 seems a better choice in my case... unless I am missing something?
In fact, the H3 seems to test faster (per Hed's data) than pretty well every wheel on the market other than Stinger9, 808FCs.. unless I am missing something?

Is the handling in cross winds bad enough to make me come out of the aero position often?
I have no trouble at all, even in very windy conditions with the Jet6, but I haven't tried the H3 to know. FWIW, I'll have two races a year that are very windy, and two a year that aren't.

For issues of air compression, etc:
My fork is a Dedacci Blackstream, 5cm deep legs, width is 4.4cm at the bottom of the calipers, 6.7mm at the midpoint, & 9.2 at the front hub.
Frame is a Guru Cron'alu 50cm.


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Really depends on wind.  If I could only have one wheel I'd pick the 6.  The 6 gives you more options without sacrificing much in the way of aero. 

Ian Schmidt

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it should be noted - Tony Martin rode a Jet6 to his TT win in the TdF, instead of a Stinger 6, S9, or H3.
What to make of that fact? I have no idea.

others who seem to have their equipment sorted out well around here & have made purchasing choices:
Nate rides TTs like a whisper/ghost on an H3, with a CdA of +/- .012 (right Nate? ;)
Ex rides TTs like a screaming banshee on (what appears to be) a Stinger 9 and devours souls... (right Ex?)


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Nate has many front wheels
Ex has many front wheels
I have many front wheels

What can you make of this?  Options are good.

Like I said if I only had one wheel of the two options you offered I'd pick the 6. 


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It seems like the H3 is getting dropped by pros recently, when just 2-3 years ago it was a lot more frequently used.  I think stuff like the Firecrest and C2 rim shapes have caught up in terms of straight aerodynamics and they are easier to handle in the wind from what I hear. 

H3 is also a lot more finicky for the width of the tire you use...favors a 19mm I believe, whereas the Firecrest rims are pretty good for multiple tire widths.  Getting smaller tires can be a bit of a bear.  Took me like a month to finally end up with some Vittoria Evo Corsa's in 21mm (I need them because of the slim rear stays on my Planet X TT bike, not because of any wheel aero choices). 

Basically...I think they are close enough that I would go with the convenience factors....more tire choice, better handling in wind, etc. 

Ian Schmidt

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thanks edr - I was writing my second post when you answered the first.
Quel - thanks, as I'm looking through pictures from the last few years in TT stages, that looks pretty accurate.

right - I'll see what I can do about this.

EDR (reprise) - agreed, options are good.

Racer Ex

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Re: Hed3, or Jet6 - don't know if my math/reasoning is correct. Help please?
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If I had to choose one for TT's and track, I'd probably go H3, for a variety of reasons. The biggest drawback on the H3 is weight, other than climbing TT's it's a pretty good all around wheel.